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Adventures in Theatre

More theatre photos can be found in the Rosebriar Shakespeare Company Photo Gallery.

Sarah, with Kathryn Gray as Charlotte, promo shot for Female Transport, Hunger Artists Ensemble Theatre, 1989.*off-key singing* "I feel dirty, oh, so dirty..." In the dressing room after a performance of Female Transport. Franki Franklin, Kathryn Gray, me, TJ Geist, Jim Gaskie.With Tiffany Klunzinger, backstage during Li'l Abner, Blue Lake Theatre Festival, 1990. Worst musical EVER. You couldn't pay me to watch it. But hey, at least the cast had fun.
Female Transport promo shot thumbnailFemale Transport dressing room thumbnailVal and Tiffany backstage at Whitehall thumbnail
The cast of Bus Stop, Westminster Dinner Theatre, 1993. Back row: me, Kristi Gleason, James Sullivan, Tom Meinen, Dan Marquardt. Front row: Natalie Nissing, Wade Wood, Neil Hyre.With "stepmom" Maria Petrella-Ackley, in the Palace Theatre green room during Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, 1994.Chorus in Henry V, Ohio Festival Theatre, 1994.
Bus Stop cast thumbnailCinderella backstage thumbnailHenry V Chorus thumbnail
First Witch (top), with Kira Muse, Doug Hoehn and Edward Twynham in Macbeth, Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1994.Beatrice, with John Heisel as Benedick, in promo shot for Much Ado About Nothing, Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1995.Beatrice and the Ball-Bouncin' Babes. Caise Rode (Hero), me, Kira Muse (Margaret), Dee Dauber (Ursula).
Macbeth cauldron scene thumbnailMuch Ado thumbnailMuch Ado girls thumbnail
Lucy Hale in These Honorable Men: The Life and Death of John Wilkes Booth, Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1995.Sabina in The Skin of Our Teeth, Nevertheless Productions, 1995.Sylvia St. Croix, with Molly Camp as Tina, Ruthless! The Musical, A Premiere Playhouse, 1996.
These Honorable Men thumbnailSkin of our Teeth thumbnailRuthless! thumbnail
Erin Cameron and Beth Quinn show off our first sellout, Winnie-the-Pooh national tour, Cleveland Signstage Theatre, 1997.Goneril (far right), with Cindy Frazzini as Regan and Greg Brunton as Edmund, King Lear, Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 1997.Mercutio (Colin Sweet) and Tybalt (Anton Naess) face off in Romeo & Juliet, Park Playhouse Teen Theatre, 1999. I did the fight choreography. Those kids rocked.
Erin and Beth with Sold Out sign thumbnailKing Lear thumbnailMercutio vs. Tybalt thumbnail
Romeo (Tim Fulton) duels Tybalt.Imogen, with Edward Twynham as Iachimo, Cymbeline, Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 2000. I also directed. They nearly had to lock me up, but somehow there was a show. "It's a mystery!"Deirdre McDavey, with Bryan K. Davis as Andrew Rally, I Hate Hamlet, Rosebriar Shakespeare Company, 2000.
Romeo vs. Tybalt thumbnailI Hate Hamlet thumbnailI Hate Hamlet thumbnail

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