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Costuming Brag Book

These are examples of costumes I've made for myself or friends, for competitions, Halloween, etc. Check out Haunted Forest Couture to find out how to put me to work for you!

The Banshee, MediaWest*Con 1992.Amy as Janette from the Forever Knight episode "False Witness", Dead of Winter Con 1994.Amy as Janette from the Forever Knight episode "Bad Blood", Dead of Winter Con 1995.
Banshee thumbnailAmy as Janette in False Witness thumbnailAmy as Janette in Bad Blood thumbnail
Back view of "Bad Blood" dress.Katie as Claudia from Interview With The Vampire. The dress isn't quite finished in these photos -- the zipper hadn't been put in, and Katie is holding the dress on! One of these days I'll get hold of one of the professional photos from the con.This was an apprenticeship project for Katie; she did about half of the actual construction, and won a special workmanship award at Marcon 1995 -- the only one I've ever seen awarded to a child.
Amy as Janette in Bad Blood, back view thumbnailKatie as Claudia thumbnailKatie as Claudia thumbnail
"The Red Shoes", TorontoTrek 1994. This was a reworking of the banshee dress -- it used to have a long tattered train, and I got tired of leaving a snail trail of acetate fibers wherever I went! :-) Inspired by the classic film with Moira Shearer, and also Kate Bush's The Line, The Cross and The Curve.My design for the "Rose-Gold Witch" Morgause from Mary Stewart's Merlin novels. Visions 1997.Lizbet as Buffy the Vampire Slayer in "Prophecy Girl" (season 1 finale). MediaWest*Con 1998.
The Red Shoes thumbnailVal as Morgause thumbnailLizbet as Buffy thumbnail
Jack as Brainiac 5 from Legion of Super-Heroes, Chicago ComicCon 1998. His picture was printed in Wizard magazine's report on teh con!A bit more comfortable in the courtyard of Chateau Orleans, Halloween 2000. This is the suit I made him for our wedding.Chiana from Farscape, Halloween 2000.
Jack as Brainiac 5 thumbnailJack on Halloween 2000 thumbnailVal as Chiana thumbnail
Shannon performs at our wedding reception in a dress I copied from Jean Butler's costume for the original version of Riverdance.Headdress for "CrankyMongolianSam" (copy of Sam's costume from the Stargate SG-1 episode "Emancipation") as a work in progress.More headdress in progress.
Shannon thumbnailCrankyMongolianSam headdress in progress thumbnailCrankyMongolianSam headdress in progress thumbnail
The finished costume. Lots more pictures on the Gatecon 2001 page! :-)
CrankyMongolianSam thumbnail

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