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Gatecon 2001

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I had entirely too much fun at Gatecon 2001 in Vancouver, BC. For more pictures from more people who had too much fun, check out the links page Elyse has created here.

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Valerie's Con Report, Part 1

Valerie's Con Report, Part 2

Valerie's Con Report, Part 3

With the Great Goofball, JR Bourne, at Sekh's Party II.Dara and I show our Little Black Dress taste at the cocktail party.Shadow (the World's Best Roomie), Dara's mom (sorry, I never did catch her own name!) and Dara at the cocktail party.
Val with JR Bourne thumbnailVal and Dara at cocktail party thumbnailShadow, Dara's mom and Dara at cocktail party thumbnail
Mel at the cocktail party.Rowan at the cocktail party.Starr and Chance at the cocktail party.
Mel at the cocktail party thumbnailRowan at the cocktail party thumbnailStarr and Chance at the cocktail party thumbnail
Allan introduces the radio-play skit following Friday night's banquet. Yes, I'm attempting to rub my hands in gleeful anticipation while holding a mic. No, I have no idea why. (Photo by Starr)Reading Janet in one of the sketches. (Photo by Starr)Making Roxie take writer/director credit where credit was due, even if we couldn't get her onto the stage (or into this photo). (Photo by Starr)
Allan introduces the skit thumbnailreading the med report monologue thumbnailcast acknowledges Roxie thumbnail

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