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Halloween in New Orleans 2001

Scott and Felicia listen to the "ghost" of Frances Parkinson Keyes talk about her life and her garden on the "Ghostly Galavant", a tour of private courtyards in the French Quarter presented by the Friends of the Cabildo.Felicia and I decided to dress for the occasion of a "Haunted History" evening walking tour of the Quarter.Scott makes the acquaintance of a young Komodo dragon at the Audubon Park Zoo.
Scott and Felicia in Beauregard-Keyes garden thumbnailFelicia and Val before Haunted History tour thumbnailScott meets Komodo dragon thumbnail
In the Jaguar Jungle, easily the coolest zoo exhibit I've ever seen, full of reproductions of Mayan ruins, including the Jaguar Plaza at Chichen Itza.Jack makes like a Mayan sculpture.Exiting the Jaguar Jungle.
Val in the Jaguar Jungle thumbnailJack with Mayan sculpture thumbnailleaving the Jaguar Jungle thumbnail
I am inordinately fascinated by the trees in New Orleans. This one, at the zoo, got partially blown over by a hurricane years ago -- check out the branch in the foreground that's grown along the ground and come back up again!Same tree, different angle. That blue smudge at the base is Jack.Dinner at Olivier's on Halloween. Me, Jack, Felicia, Scott, Grace. Awesome food, and plenty of it. And the friendliest service ever.
oak tree at zoo thumbnailoak tree at zoo thumbnailHalloween night dinner thumbnail
Cavalier Scott (hiding behind his hat, sneaky man!) and Lady Felicia, in the courtyard of Chateau Orleans (a/k/a Laurie's Wonderful Timeshare).Grace as Aeryn Sun from Farscape.Jack gets yet more use out of his wedding outfit. I was planning the "Sparkling Diamonds" Satine costume since I first saw Moulin Rouge in May, but didn't actually get to it until two weeks before Halloween. So it got a little simplified. :-)
Scott & Felicia on Halloween thumbnailGrace as Aeryn thumbnailJack & Val on Halloween thumbnail
Jack's cousin Holly and her honey Ravi.Grace goes "reverse trick-or-treating" on Bourbon Street.Someone else who knows diamonds are a girl's best friend. ;-) Too bad it didn't occur to me to ask for a picture together until after we'd lost sight of "Marilyn" here...
Holly & Ravi on Halloween thumbnailreverse trick or treat thumbnailMarilyn thumbnail
Jack spotted this sign on the way back up Bourbon from the Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop end.Ravi and Holly on Bourbon Street.Grace and Jack, ready for Round 2 (not to mention for Lord of the Rings).
Val under Moulin Rouge sign thumbnailRavi and Holly on Bourbon Street thumbnailGrace and Jack thumbnail
Grace and I came up with the "harem prison break" perfectly sober. It was getting really late, and we were punchy from all that walking. That's our story and we're stickin' to it. ;-)
Grace and Val by gate thumbnail

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