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Jody, Adventure Woman!Amy in a vampy mode.Grave considerations in Ohio Renaissance Festival's new churchyard, 1997. Clockwise from top right: me, Amy, unnamed but very tolerant performer, Perri, Maureen, Tina, Betsy.
Jody in tree thumbnailAmy as Janette thumbnailRennie grave thumbnail
Hotel room can-can with Jennie and Amy.Dressed to kill at the Masquerade at Dead of Winter Con, 1995. Amy, Dawn, Karen(?), me.Chris gets a little too into running a DC Heroes game at Origins 2000
Jennie, Amy, Val can-can thumbnailDOW masquerade thumbnailChris with stuffed Starro on his face thumbnail
Jessica and Jennie (among others) pitch in to do Amy's hair for her wedding, October 2000.Boo and Kiki doing the tourist thing at the Air Force Academy, July 2001.Boo and Kiki in front of the Thunderbird-on-a-stick.
Amy's wedding hair in progress thumbnailBoo and Kiki at the Air Force Academy thumbnailBoo and Kiki with Thunderbird thumbnail
Kiki at the Air Force Academy ChapelWith Boo at the AFA scenic overlook.
Kiki at the Air Force Academy Chapel thumbnailBoo and Val at the Air Force Academy thumbnail

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