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Halloween in New Orleans 2000

Carriage ride from Jackson Square. Jack, me, Laurie.Standing on the roots of a big old oak -- they push the sidewalk right out of the way! -- in front of Anne Rice's house in the Garden District.St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, oldest above-ground cemetery in New Orleans.
Carriage ride thumbnailTree in front of Anne Rice's house thumbnailVal and Laurie at St. Louis 1 thumbnail
The Voodoo Museum. It seems kind of cheesy at first glance, but it's actually one of the most interesting places in the Quarter.Jack and I hit Bourbon Street on Halloween night as Chiana and John Crichton from Farscape. Proof that you don't have to flash to get beads (not that I didn't get asked a lot)!
Voodoo Museum thumbnailChiana and John do Bourbon Street thumbnail

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