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Jack and Valerie thumbnailBrian thumbnailDiablo thumbnail
My hubby Jack makes a nice armrest. ;-)My big (6'6"!) baby brother Brian.My kitty Diablo.
Grandma baby picture thumbnailGrandma in Art's uniform coat thumbnailMom First Communion thumbnail
My maternal grandmother, Mildred, 1918 Grandma models her brother Art's uniform coat--late 1930s?Mom at her First Communion, 1958. (I wore the same dress for mine in 1976.)
Dad's kindergarten picture thumbnailMom & Dad prom thumbnailDad outside barracks thumbnail
Dad's kindergarten picture, 1955.Dad (Mike) and Mom (Barbara) at his senior prom, 1968. (Mom later cut up her dress to make one for me, which I wore on my 6th birthday.)Very Serious Dad outside his barracks during basic training, June 1970.
Dad with plants & well thumbnailMom, Val & Dad by VW Bug thumbnail
Happy Tropical Dad during basic training, June 1970.With Mom, Dad and the VW Bug,1973.

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