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Gatecon 2001

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Kc in Abydonian garb on costume contest day (Saturday).CrankyMongolianSam. Ta-dah! Shortly after the con, MGM donated the original costume (minus the sash and headdress) to eBay's Auction for America, where it sold for $2,025!!! Have I mentioned lately how glad I am I know how to do this stuff? ;-)"Dr. Catherine Langford", ca. 1969. She had a gorgeous Eye medallion made. I have completely spaced her real name. *blush*
Kc in costume thumbnailVal in CrankyMongolianSam costume thumbnailCatherine Langford ca. 1969 thumbnail
Two hundred dollars in materials and 30 hours of work were worth it for this moment alone. *bounce* (Photo by Chance)"You made it??" Amanda Tapping (She Who Had To Wear The Original Costume And Was Not Happy About It) checks out CrankyMongolianSam. (Photo by Var)Either she's fibbing about being 5'9", or I'm shrinking... (Photo by Var)
Amanda hug thumbnailAmanda checks out CrankyMongolianSam thumbnailAmanda and Val thumbnail
Talking about the costume. She asked! I swear! ;-) (Photo by Var)Nelleke as Omorocana (daughter of Nem from "Fire and Water").Not only was she way more uncomfortable than I was, she had to haul all that stuff from the Netherlands!
Amanda and Val thumbnailNelleke as Omorocana thumbnailNelleke and Val thumbnail
Aislyn, three-year-old Charmer Extraordinaire, adds Erick Avari to her list of conquests.I, of course, had already been conquered... :-)Deb and Sam, my new Evil Sibs.
Aislyn and Erick Avari thumbnailAislyn and Val thumbnailDeb and Sam in costume thumbnail
Getting interviewed by Thomasina Gibson, author of The Stargate SG-1 Companion. (Photo by Dawn)"So, Carter, how are you doing with the twin thing?" With Tiffany. (Photo by Dawn)Captain and Major. (Photo by Dawn)
getting interviewed by Thomasina thumbnailVal and Tiffany thumbnailVal and Tiffany thumbnail

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