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Gatecon 2001

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Costume Contest

Ready for the costume contest (camera and emergency repair kit in hand!), in front of one of the banners from Chulak. All the decorations in the main events room were actual set pieces and props lent by Stargate Productions. (Photo by Karen)The obligatory twirl. (Photo by Var)The whole motley crew, lookin' good! (Photo by Var)
Val with Chulak bannerVal twirls on stage thumbnailAll costume contestants thumbnail
Winning lineup. (Photo by Var)"Apophis broke Bastet!" Dara's congratulatory hug from Peter Williams. He picked her up, twirled her all the way around, and knocked her belly jewel contraption loose. Much giggling ensued. (Photo by Dawn)And hey, as long as there are hugs being given out... (Photo by Starr)
Costume contest winners thumbnailPeter Williams hugs Dara thumbnailPeter Williams hugs me thumbnail


Jay Acovone takes "running" an auction item around the room literally. (Photo by Dawn)Peter also favors the athletic approach. (Photo by Dawn)
Jay Acovone running with hat thumbnailPeter Williams running with picture thumbnail

Studio Tour

The Bridge Studios, stage 5 -- the real address of the SGC.Side corridor; just about to turn right, into the 'gateroom.On the ramp. I'm wearing Dad's coverall from his first AF tech school in 1970, so he can say his daughter and his clothes have been through the Stargate! ;-) (Photo by Richard)
The Bridge Studios thumbnailSide corridor thumbnailVal on Stargate ramp thumbnail
Side view of the 'gate and ramp. Gaffer Rick Dean explains stuff.Really Big Gun in the 'gateroom.'Gateroom ceiling and corner of back wall with briefing room windows. Really Big Lights.
Stargate and ramp, side view thumbnailGun emplacement in 'gateroom thumbnail'gateroom ceiling thumbnail
Round corridor, just outside the 'gateroom (opposite where we came in from the side corridor). (Photo by Karen.)Level 28: perfume, lingerie, big round thing that takes you to other planets...At the controls for the MALP or UAV.
round SGC corridor thumbnailRick Dean in elevator thumbnailtelemetry station thumbnail
Instrument panels in the control room.The briefing room.Daniel's office. The same room is used for Sam's lab.
control room panels thumbnailbriefing room thumbnailDaniel's office thumbnail
Around the corner from Daniel's office. Any shot that looks like this is done in this same corridor.With the MALP (Mobile Analytical Laboratory Probe). (Photo by Karen.)Linda leaving the soundstage. The light's wrong, but you can just see the bottom edge of the iris on the wooden platform in the doorway.
tall SGC corridor thumbnailVal with MALP thumbnailLinda leaving set thumbnail

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