Time machine with rose bouquetValerie and Jack's Time Machine Wedding

The Ceremony

Several people have asked for a copy of the ceremony text (vows, etc.). It was provided by Judge Schneider, and we misplaced our copy. One of these days I'll remember during business hours to ask his assistant to send another copy, and then I'll have it on here! :-)

Officiant: Judge Charles A. Schneider
Parents of the Bride: Patrick M. and Barbara Meachum
Parents of the Groom: Ronald and Dorothy Kessler
Maid of Honor: Jody Cummings
Best Man: Joshua Kitchen
Elizabeth Feather
Jennifer Feather
Amy Hull
Hector Lee
Gavin McDonald
Christopher Tatro

Emily Desmond, flute
Emily playing flute
followed by:
"For Eamonn" (Nightnoise)
"Bishop's Procession" from Ladyhawke (Andrew Powell)

Groom's Entrance
"Entrance of the Clans" from Brigadoon (Frederick Leowe)
Guys' entrance thumbnail
Judge Schneider, Jack, Josh, Gavin, Hector, Chris

"La Serenissima" (Loreena McKennitt)
Jody's entrance thumbnail
Amy's entrance thumbnail
Libby's entrance thumbnail
Jenn's entrance thumbnail
Mike & Val's entrance thumbnail
Mike & Val

Lighting of the Unity Candle
We have chosen to incorporate the modern tradition of the unity candle in our own way.
Our mothers bring us tapers signifying the light and warmth of our childhood homes; extinguishing these tapers signifies a break with the past (as would the breaking of the wineglass in a Jewish ceremony, or jumping over the fire in a Celtic one).
Our new family begins with the light of friendship. The floating candle--the paradox of fire and water coexisting--is a symbol of love bringing differences together in a beautiful whole. Fire passes through water, as we will pass through the challenges of life, and the circle is completed as we give light to one another. Finally, the single flame of our new family remains to light the rest of this evening's celebration.
"Unexpected Song" from Song and Dance (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Emily Desmond, flute

Bride's Remarks
Val's remarks thumbnail

Groom's Remarks
Jack's remarks thumbnail

Officiant's Remarks

Vows thumbnail

Blessing of the Rings

Pronouncement of Marriage
Presenting thumbnail


Val & Jack exit thumbnail
Val & Jack
Jody & Josh exit thumbnail
Jody & Josh
Amy & Gavin exit thumbnail
Amy & Gavin
Jenn & Hector exit thumbnail
Jenn & Hector
Libby & Chris exit thumbnail
Libby & Chris

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