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Satine Mood Theme

This mood theme was created for My LiveJournal, but I'm happy to share it. Please drop me an email if you take it.

Don't know how to set it up to use on your journal? Go here. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to set your account to use the whole theme at once. You can, however, download the whole set as a ZIP file (463 KB).

As you can see, this is a work in progress. Check back for updates! Last new icons added: December 31, 2003

accomplished amused angry annoyed anxious
apathetic artistic bitchy blah blank
confused content crushed curious cynical
determined devious disappointed discontent distressed
ditzy drained dorky New ecstatic energetic
enthralled New exanimate exhausted flirty frustrated
geeky New giddy guilty happy hopeful
horny impressed indescribable indifferent intimidated
irritated jubilant listless lonely loved
melancholy mischievous moody morose naughty
nervous nostalgic numb optimistic pensive New
predatory quixotic rejected relaxed relieved
sad scared shocked sick touched
uncomfortable weird working worried

Last updated December 31, 2003