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Amber Trumps

I started creating Trumps for characters in my husband's Amber Diceless Roleplaying games (based on the series of novels by Roger Zelazny). I've learned a lot as I went along, and even got on enough of a roll one day to create a few Trumps without existing characters attached. I'm not much of a gamer myself, so this is a fun way to have some involvement in one of Jack's interests.

Feel free to use 'em if you like 'em; a credit and courtesy link would be appreciated. I recommend copying them to your server rather than linking directly here--I've been known to rearrange.

Be sure to visit Amber DRPG Players Showcase and check out other artists' Trumps, created both digitally and by hand.

One of Jack's characters: Alexandra thumbnail Alexandra, daughter of Merlin...
was interesting to do because she's a shapeshifter with three habitual forms


Bleys Trump thumbnailBrand Trump thumbnailCaine Trump thumbnail
Clarissa NewCorwinDara
Clarissa Trump thumbnailCorwin Trump thumbnailDara Trump thumbnail
DeirdreEric NewFiona
Deirdre Trump thumbnailEric Trump thumbnailFiona Trump thumbnail
Florimel Trump thumbnail Llewella Trump thumbnailMerlin Trump thumbnail

NPCs from Jack Kessler's By Any Other Name campaign

AerinArianneBernard, son of Bleys
Aerin Trump thumbnailArianne Trump thumbnailBernard Trump thumbnail
Gail Trump thumbnailIllyana Trump thumbnailJulia Barnes Trump thumbnail
Leilani, Chaos Embassy Chief of StaffLydia, daughter of FloraMael, son of Llewella
Leilani Trump thumbnailLydia Trump thumbnailMael Trump thumbnail
Marsalis, Crown Prince of Rebma, son of Moire
Marsalis Trump thumbnail

Player Characters from Stephanie Itchkawitch's Golden Circle Urban Renewal campaign

Christienne, daughter of CorwinFfloyd, son of FionaHollis
Christienne thumbnailFfloyd thumbnailHollis thumbnail
Kailin, son of Sand"Debutante" from first session--just walked the PatternBrother Magnus
Kailin thumbnaildebutante thumbnailBrother Magnus' thumbnail
Cary thumbnail

Up For Grabs!

These Trumps weren't created for any particular characters; they were just for fun. Maybe they'll have characters attached to them eventually. :-)
Mystery Trump #1Mystery Trump #2Mystery Trump #3
Mystery Trump #1 thumbnailMystery Trump #2 thumbnailMystery Trump #3 thumbnail

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